Pacific ocean

Pacific ocean

We were not sure if we wanted to be on a cruise for 14 days. We have cruise for seven days and did enjoy the days we were at sea. On one of the cruises, someone had a medical emergency. The ship was always close enough to land to transport them to the hospital. On this cruise, there was no land until you reach Hawaii. Life is about risk and the choice was to stay home and worry about it or go. We chose to go.
This photo was from our balcony and how much more peaceful can you get?
We saw a lot of flying fish but that was about it. We were to early for the whales, although, some of the crew said they had seen a few. I was hoping that we could. While on the balcony, I kept an eye out for the tale-tale sign that whales are near. You have to watch for the spray that happens when they are blowing through their blowhole. I didn’t see any but the clouds formation made up for it.
It took four days to get to Hawaii and four days back. The ship had lots of things to do so if you were bored, it wasn’t their fault. There was a great Naturalist who gave a lecture everyday about each island of Hawaii. He had been park ranger and really worked up a good program. We also attended Ukulele lessons. On the way back, our group got to be in one of the shows. There was hulu dances and making Leis. I did make several Leis. Over all, it was one of the best cruises we have been on. I’m looking forward to the next one and maybe it will be longer.


About photosbykenna

I enjoy taking photos of unusual things. I like different perspectives on a subject. While I have always taken pictures, it wasn't until later that I became serious about it. I love to enter contests and have been fortunate to win several. I use a Sony Cybershot and my Iphone.

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  1. Thanks to all who has and is visiting my site. I appreicate your ‘likes’.

  2. Calvin Hill says:

    Maybe having the grand kids the week before help in enjoying those 14 days. 😉 I imagine though not having to worry about your daily life for while made it nice.

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