I want to write one more blog on the last day of this year. We have return to our home and the photo above is our road. The snow is melting pretty fast. Unfortunately, I was not able to get out and take a lot of photos of the winter scenes. I wanted to go to Pinnacle Mt. to get a picture of it with the snow. This is not a big mountain and people often think it is a volcano as it is shape like one. However, we were focusing on staying warm and surviving. Over all I think we did well. We stayed at our home for three days. My husband doesn’t care for camping and using kerosene, propane heaters, and a campstove to cook on was to close to the idea of camping. 🙂  For me, I do like camping and things I have learned from camping I was able to use and help make it more bearable. By the third day, he was ready to fine a motel. I admit it was nice to have warmth, without the layers of clothes and blankets. Now, we are back home, and waiting for the house to warm up.

I always like to try to think what will the new year bring to us, family, and world. Of course, one cannot predict the future. I am hoping that I can find more ways to use my photography. I am sending positive energy out. The old saying, “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” I’m ready! One thing we can control is how one will respond to events that comes one way. I continue to work on improving that.

I hope all of you have a healthy, and great new year.

2013 – I’m ready for you!


About photosbykenna

I enjoy taking photos of unusal things. I like different perspectives on a subject. While I have always taken pictures, it wasn't untill later that I became serious about it. I love to enter contests and have been fortunate to win several. I use a Cannon 4D camera.

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  1. Happy New Year, Kenna! This road reminds me of our road at Goose Pond in Maine, where I lived for 32 years of my life. Don’t miss the plowing – DO miss x/c skiing under a full moon and the aurora borealis!

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