I almost hate to admit how many times I have driven by this house, thinking, stop, take a picture, but never did. Last week, I had to go by there and I had some extra time. This time I stopped and took some pictures. What a surprise when I got home and put it on the computer. What character this house has. What stories it could tell.

The lightening wasn’t great. There was a lot of shadows and I didn’t really see the green chair in front. Really?? Yep, really.  What fun it was to see what this picture had to offer. There is a barn that goes with it but even in photo shop, I wasn’t able to tweek it the way I like. I’ll have to go back and try again.

This is one of those pictures that will not be there for very long. It is for sale and will probably be torn down to be replace with a new fancy house. Ummm, as writing this, maybe this is a mission for me to work on, taking photos of old homestead.  I will have to think about that.

About photosbykenna

I enjoy taking photos of unusual things. I like different perspectives on a subject. While I have always taken pictures, it wasn't until later that I became serious about it. I love to enter contests and have been fortunate to win several. I use a Sony Cybershot and my Iphone.

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