My friend, Ebby, gave us a scare last week. We know about her heart problems but what happen was a total surprise.
Coming home she greeted us as normal then she froze. Couldn’t move. What seemed like hours, she started walking. We got her in the house and call our vet and took her in.
He explain how her heart isn’t pumping enough blood to get to her back legs creating that frozen scene. Nothing can be done.
We brought her home and the next day she was back to herself, keeping an eye out over her domain. I went out to check on her and got this great picture of us.
She’s been with us for 14 years and is the best dog, ever! I don’t want this “chapter” to end but I know it will. So, I’m focusing on enjoying her each day and letting her know she is loved.


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  1. deardogdiary says:

    Oh that’s shocking! Glad she bounced right back. They are a joy!

  2. What a precious little being.

  3. blade3colorado says:

    What a wonderful post! My dog Shasta is going to be 14 this July 4th (I got her at a Colorado shelter on a 4th of July weekend). Your post reminded me of all the great times we had, e.g., all the road trips, the circus tricks I taught her, where she entertained senior residents on a regular basis at a rest home, and the two bears (on separate occasions) she barked at trying to get them away from her dog food (LOL) in the garage. I sold my Colorado mountain home two years ago and moved to a condo in Denver. She hated it and after a couple of months, I made the painful (but joyous) decision to let my Mom take care of her in California. Shasta loves it there, as my Mom or Dad take their two dogs and Shasta to the park twice a day. Shasta had her hind leg amputated last year and she was up and running (she still thinks she’s a puppy) within a couple of weeks, i.e., throw a ball and she turns OCD.

    Anywho, thank you for your post. I will see Shasta when I return from this RTW trip and am looking forward to seeing her and my family.

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