DSC00776 Assume every ponds, lake and even beaches (at times) has gators. While I already knew that, having them in your backyard was something to get used to.  I have watched them leave the water and go across the golf path, in an area most people wouldn’t think to look. I always look several times before going out in the backyard.  Several facts I’ve learned, gators don’t eat all the time but who knows when was the last time? Gators don’t like the hot summers and will stay in the water, most of the time. Gators aren’t fond of rain and wind and will stay in the water. Fortunately, summertime is the rainy seasons.  Gators mate and build nests in May and June and are aggressive during this time. While the one in our pond isn’t as big as this fellow above is, I have no problems keeping my distance.   This big guy was at a state park and one of my grandsons got to see him/her, who knows? 🙂

DSC08220 This giant gopher tortoise also shares our backyard pond with the Gators.  I’ve never seen one this large roaming around freely. Another reason to keep a lookout before you leave the safety of your lanai.   While the pond isn’t huge there are several of these around. I have watched several come out and lay their eggs this early summer. Unfortunately, several crows were watching too and when the tortoise left, the crows flew down and dug up the eggs for a meal. Part of the life cycle I remind myself.


About photosbykenna

I enjoy taking photos of unusual things. I like different perspectives on a subject. While I have always taken pictures, it wasn't until later that I became serious about it. I love to enter contests and have been fortunate to win several. I use a Sony Cybershot and my Iphone.

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