I guess one could say Cuba is a good example of the “Have” and “Have Not”. The above photo is their Capital. As you see it is being remodeled and is taken care of. In some ways, it is a replica of our Capital.  I saw other government buildings in good shape.

The apartment buildings are not kept up. One reason that was explained, whoever owns the building, will not keep it up. The people who live in these apartments do not have the money or means to take care of their own apartment, therefore, they look pretty bad.

I’m not sure about when other countries visit Cuba, but when Americans visit, we have to pay for a visa.  I was thinking this morning how many people are on a cruise ship and each one has to pay for a visa. Several cruise ships come into Cuba port every day. Now, that’s a lot of money. I’m sorry I didn’t ask about where does this money from the visa goes. My guess would be to the government. If anyone knows, please let me know.

DSC01842    apt


Cuba has free education for their children. Once they are in High School, those who want to go to college have to take a test to qualify. One of our tour guides is in college getting her degree in architectural design. She seemed very excited about pursuing this degree. Unfortunately, she will only earn $25.00 a month and hopes to continue part-time being a tour guide in order to make extra money through tips. How much longer will their future generations will pursue higher education when you won’t be able to increase your income? If your a doctor, a lot of them are able to leave the country and make a better salary and send extra money back home.

school kid


Cuba has free health care. The below photo is one of their hospitals.  I talked with a fellow cruise traveler who took the tour to the countryside. She is a nurse with the US school systems. While on her tour, she was able to talk with a doctor who explained how their health care system works.  The small communities have a doctor and nurse. If you are sick, you see a person who makes an assessment on what is going on. Then you will be able to see the nurse and doctor. The medical field tried to keep on top of illnesses. Vaccinations are mandatory. If you don’t have your and your family doesn’t get your vaccinations, someone will come to your house and take you to the clinic to receive it.



When you died, your funeral and cemetery plot is free. I didn’t ask, but I imagine if you want a tomb like the one above, you would probably have to pay for it.


Cubans are able to practice many different types of religion. We drove by many Cathedrals, a Jewish temple, and a Mosque. The statue of Christ is made out of marble from Italy. A woman sculpturist designed the statue. It shows Christ with one hand over his heart and the other showing Cuba being blessed.



Now, I’m not knowledgeable about socialism. Just what I hear about it in our country, which is usually negative.  As I look how our students have ungodly debts from student loans and how many American families go bankrupt due to the cost of treatments for health and medications, I wonder why we can’t do like Cuba or other countries that take care of their citizens but still keep capitalism as well.

My next blog will focus on what Cubans do for fun.

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