Don’t Fence Me In


Mocking Bird

I was down at the river yesterday. A photo group that I belong had their meeting at the River Market. It was nice to get with other photographers and learn different techniques. While walking around, this Mocking bird flew up on the fence right near me. So, of course, I took it’s picture.

I’ve been off this site for a while due to being gone and busy with other things. It is nice to be back on and catching up with everyone.

I’m excited that one of my photos was selected in a contest in a Gallery. I enjoy entering different contests and especially being nominated. I’ll post that photo later.

Summer in Arkansas can get pretty sticky and hot. So far, this summer has not been bad. As I’m writing this, thunder is off in the background and we had a small shower earlier. One of our weather person predicted that August would be cooler and more rain. I can handle that. 🙂

My husband and I are planning a trip to Europe. It has been, at times, overwhelming preparing for this trip. We plan to use the trains for all of our transportation once we arrive. We are also planning to pack light. My question is, should I take my Cannon camera and the 28-300mm lens? It is heavy but I do love the zoom on this lens. I follow a guy on twitter who uses his Iphone for the majority of his photos. While I will have my Iphone, I’m not sure about not having my DSLR with me. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Beach Days


We had a great trip to the Gulf. We went with my Son’s family and enjoyed watching the kids play in the ocean. This pier was near our condo and I took lots of picutes of it. The lighting on the beach was awesome! I had a filter on my lens, mainly to protect the lens from the sand since it was so windy. I think the filter might added to the color however, it isn’t a strong filter.  When I look at this picture, it reminds me of a painting in the 17th century about a beach scene. Sorry, I can’t think of the painter’s name.

The weather was perfect while we were there. It was cool, cloudy, and windy. That’s unususal for the gulf. So we were able to spend a lot of time on the beach. The red flags were out, so swimming was out of the question. We had an Osprey to entertain us by catching fish. I was able to get some videos of it.

Balloon Festival


My city had it’s 2nd annual balloon festival. I wasn’t able to make the one from last year, but did make it to this one. It was fun and colorful. It was also very hot and very humid. However, I did get some nice photos from this event. I don’t consider my night photography to be very good. So, I was out of my comfort zone. Plus the balloons didn’t all do their “burn” at the same time and I was hustling to one then to another trying to get a picture while worrying about, “is this the right Aperture,  ISO?, and F/stop.”  With the photos that did turn out, has enhance my love for night time photography and will encouraged me to get out more at night to improve those skills.

I have joined with a group of photographer from my state and they have a closed Facebook group. They are very active and this past weekend with the balloons and the supermoon has kept me busy. I’m usuallly a bit shy on getting out but have really enjoyed the new experiences.

I also got back from the gulf and will be posting some of those pictures. These past 3 weeks have been productive – at least with photography.

Stormy Weather


I’m just sitting here, looking out the window, wondering what is in-store for AR. Most of the state is under a moderate risk for severe storms which include the possibilities of tornadoes. After yesterday terrible disaster in Moore, OK, most of us are hoping we can dodge the bullet. OK is on the west border of AR. We know to well, what damage can from these monster storms.

I do enjoy following the Storm Chasers, just don’t want them to come to our state. I was on the Internet and watched the tornado go through Moore, OK. The news reporter was in a helicopter, following that storm. Letting people know where the storm is and where it is going is an important service for the public.

For now we are having heavy rains and some wind. I’ve been trying to work on some photos for an upcoming contest. However, it is hard to keep my focus on that and not the weather radar. The radar is pretty much lit up like a Christmas Tree with red, green, and yellow blotches. The above picture is one I’m considering to enter. I like the reflection of the modern SUV and the guy walking away with the old coke machine in the foreground. I would appreciate andy comments on this photo.

Hope everyone that is in the track for these storms will stay safe.

Swamp Trees


We took a short day trip to a small town called, Scott, AR. This is where the Delta starts. The land flattens out and fields of cotton, soy bean, and rice is grown in this area. Those who have read my other posts, know that I prefer mountains but this was a nice change.

On the way down we follow this lake and swamp area. A lot of large Cypress trees are there and made for some really neat photos. Trust me, I didn’t get off the road unless I could see what might be in front of me. I have noticed that while taking photos, my fears do disappear. 🙂

I like how this photo invites you to look past the large trees and to imagine what is further on the lake.

Another stopped we made was this field of yellow flowers.


I truly love how the sunlight is shining on this field. It was around noon, when the light is not at the best, but for me this worked well. It was wonderful to get out and just focus on taking photos. Need to do this more often.


I’m so Excited…..


Their promise was kept! The sun is back. It was hard to decide which title to use on this post: “Sunshine on my Shoulder” or “I’m so excited”! I went with my feelings.
For those who read my blog yesterday, I was getting down from a week of cold, dreary, rain. It is amazing what the sun can do for a person. 🙂
Now I’m full of energy and heading to the great outdoors. See ya!

Promises, Promises…


I told my husband that we should go ahead sell our home and move to Seattle. He gave me that “really” look and inquired why. For the whole week it has been raining and cold. Just like Seattle. At least this is how I think of Seattle. So if Arkansas is going to act like Seattle, why not move? Seattle is a wonderful city with so much to do. Your by or near the ocean, mountains and a rainforest. I have a friend who lived here but moved to Seattle. She has shared beautiful photos of the fog, rain and snow. She looks like she has adjusted to the climate.

I know, I’m giving my power away to the weather to determine my happiness. I know cloudy skies can make better photos. I’ve use the indoor days to research new trip ideas, update photos and made great meals. I know I need to enjoy each day, and I really do, may not sound like it, but I do. I just want some sunshine!

 Tomorrow, “they” promise spring will finally start. “They” promise the sun will be out tomorrow and it will be warm. Does that sound like an old song? Tomorrow is only a day away,  I can wait.

Paper Bark Tree


A couple of weeks ago, we went walking by the AR River. We have fabulous parks and trails down there. The city’s idea is to make a walking and bike trail from downtown to Pinnacle Mt.  lot of the trails will follow the river.

As we were walking we past by these small trees, I thought about the Birch Tree. We are to far south to have Birch Trees. When I lived in New Hampshire, I wasn’t doing very much photography and didn’t take many photos of Birch Trees. I loved the white bark with different designs that looked like someone have drawn on them. So, when I came to these, I made sure I took their picture.  I love the texture and these tree’s bark provided a lot of textures.

Today is a good day to be inside, looking over photos. It is still cold, and gusty winds of 45mph. It may be spring on the calendar, but someone forgot to tell March that. Supposed to be like this for the next two days. Yuck!

Spring? Maybe


They (weather people) say it’s the first day of spring. According to my photo of the daffodils, one would thinkg this is right. I enjoy spring in the south. We usually get to see the first blossoms coming out before our northern neighbors. Today, I will enjoy the outdoors as tomorrow and Friday has promise of cold rain, sleet and possible snow. Ouch!   But have no fear, these little, delicate flowers are hardy and are use to enduring snow during their blooms. I joked with my friend in Missouri, that we need to do away with Missouri, as it’s the state that sends us our cold weather.:)

The good news, this cold spell won’t last long and in a couple of days we will be back to wonderful temps. until summer hits. That’s another story.

Pinnacle Mt.


Arkansas doesn’t have real tall mountains but we are proud of the ones we have. We have a range called “The Ozarks” in northwest AR and in the west central, we have “The Ouachitas” However, Pinnacle Mt. is in my city and is a state park. When you first see it, one thinks, “oh, a volcano”, but it isn’t. There are two trails you can use to get to the top. I have to say, it has been a long time that I climbed it. 🙂 I do go out and walk the trails that goes around the mountain.

With this photo, I tried some different filters and really like the way this turned out. Now that I have free time, I’m looking forward working on my photos. Let me know what you think.